Our CEO Meets CDA
Government Official

Christian Canlubo meets Ray Elevazo, Executive Director of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Christian Roño Canlubo had a meeting with the Executive Director of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Ray Elevazo and Founder of Business Incubation for GrassRoots Clyde Arcosa to discuss venturing a new organization that will try to make a solution to the youth generation problems.

They are planning on how to help the Government to unify the cooperative system, especially on youth to spread the spirit of being cooperative.

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), the government agency in charge of development and monitoring cooperatives in the country gives this definition - a voluntary organization of people who have agreed to pool their resources together in order to undertake an economic enterprise for the purpose of meeting their common needs, and which they themselves democratically manage and control, and share the economic benefits on the basis of participation and patronage.

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