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How we made it

The Process in Developing Solutions

Our web design and development team come up with a detailed cost-benefit analysis for the project with an output of a realistic plan.

Planning Stage

We want things to be changed or upgraded that is why we are thinking and planning to create a new platforms to innovate the past or old systems.

Content Gathering

On our side as a company we find out all the details we need for the new platform we like. We listed all the details and if possible we will do some research. For all work to be detailed.

Structure Planning

Start planning regarding what the platform structure should be and what programming languages ​​should be used based on what the system requires.

Design & Development

Beginning with the development cycle and design cycle. Here we can take advantage of the so-called Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), It will require skilled and talented developers, designers and managers to handle the requirements to adjust the development flow.

Product Testing

Testing the submitted milestones of our developers and checking for any bugs that need to be fixed or modified. Until we reach our client's satisfaction point for his standards on the platform being built.


Using live platform worldwide. Releasing the platform on hosting or server, domain, Playstore, Appstore and any other where it requires.

Our Solutions

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Wordpress E-Commerce Solution

WordPress is particularly useful when building an eCommerce website, because there are plenty of premade themes suited to an online storefront. It also features plugins that add complete eCommerce functionality to a site, from product display to shopping cart and checkout.

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Purchase Wordpress Package $600

  • Single Vendor / Multi Vendor Available
  • No upfront cost, One time payment
  • We will setup it on your hosting
  • With payment methods: GCash, Credit Card, Grab Pay
  • With an administrator panel
  • You are eligible up to 5 minor edits